Erase All The Borders – Best of 2016


Much as the year couldn’t be edited to make it any more palatable – in the end I couldn’t do the same with this year’s best of, clocking in for you here at three hours and twenty six minutes. But you get 51 musical landscapes to escape to and two Prince covers, so settle in. It was a good year for jazz, a terrible year for everything else.

Download the whole damn thing here.

01: Glow In The Dark: Night Flowers

02: Town & Country: Bibio

03: We Will Never Wash Away: YoungerMe

04: Kumquat: Rene Schier

05: My Lar: Bullion

06: Pop Life: Neon Indian & Friends

07: Randy: Justice

08: An 8 Ball Affair: Flamingosis

09: Ain’t Gonna Last: Freakway

10: A Night In Shirley: Jaime Read

11: Eyes On Me (feat. Harriet Brown): Classixx

12: Floatational Device: E. Live

13: Cascades: Mark Barott

14: Tokyo Hustler: Liquid Pegasus

15: Space Between Us: Ekkah & Dam Funk

16: I Don’t Know Why (feat. Mayer Hawthorne): Kraak & Smaak

17: Closing Shot: Lindstrom

18: Bellyflop: Laxy Dazy

19: Don’t Leave Me In The Dark: Vesuvio Solo

20: Life of Pause: Wild Nothing

21: You Can Do It: Spike Wolters

22: Friend of a Friend: Teen Ravine

23: It’s Gonna Be Lonely: Mac DeMarco

24: Suddenly (feat. Weyes Blood): Drugdealer

25: Cry: Cass McCombs

26: Fleurs Laisses Dans Un Taxi: CFCF

27: Night Flight: Dave Douglas & High Risk

28: Helios Groove: Sorcerer

29: Erase All The Borders: Eye Endless

30: Gucci Tennis 84: Lo Life

31: Feel Me: et aliae & Cuushe

32: The One: Carly Rae Jepsen

33: The Extrovert City: Kaidi Tatham

34: Tharsis Montes: Krakatau

35: Speaking Gently: BADBADNOTGOOD

36: Migas: Joan Bibiloni

37: En Kansla: Det Lilla Extra

38: Pantone High: Jensen Sportag

39: Feel (Keep On): Pop Up!

40: Scared Money: NXWORRIES

41: The Greatest: King

42: FTP: Landings

43: On Retinae (West Version): Dip In The Pool

44: The Birds Rejoice: Nu Guinea

45: I Knew You: Seeing Hands

46: Poison In The Dart: Carter Tanton

47: Ya Son Dos Los Cielos: Suso Saiz

48: Cool 2: Hoops

49: Backseat Heart: Ablebody

50: The Magician: Andy Shauf

51: Just Another Angel In The Crowd: George Avramidis

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