Phenomenal Lies – The Best of 2014


Taken as a whole 2014 was a shitter of a year – basically a very downbeat extra verse of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire – and 2015’s not doing much so far to buck that trend. In the relatively inconsequential world of music, there was at least a lot to remind us that we’re not all hurtling towards the abyss while nature and each other takes turns to do us in as payback for all the terrible things we do every day.

Check out those cats above – that building was on fire, and two of them turned out to be disputed killers, but they’re still finding time to have fun.

Download the whole shebang here, and let’s meet back here in a year.


01 Overture: Donnie & Joe Emerson

02[ze] choiceVaughan

03 Up In Mine: Anthems

04 Love Me:  Onie

05 Chilly: Feels So Real

06 All On You: Jessie Ware

07 Drawing Game: Graphics on Television

08 Preben Goes to Acapulco: Todd Terje

09 Dear Mama (Boehm Remix): 2Pac

10 Mon Ami: Showyousuck & Auggie the 9th

11 Party Boy CHAZZZY

12 Too Bad So Sad: Michael Rault

13 By the Memorial Urn: Stars in Coma

14 The Tramp and the Radio: Banquise

15 Down We Go (Jensen Sportag Remix): Madi Diaz

16 I’ll Be Back: Kindness

17 Emotions (LBCK Remix): Mariah Carey

18 Milestones: Shook

19 Just Till Midnight: Mitch Murder

20 Way Back When: The Free French

21 She Wakes up the Night: Sellorekt/LA Dreams

22 Third Light: Basic Tape

23 How Can You Really: Foxygen

24 Superstition Future: TOPS

25 4am: The Fauns

26 Automate Your Soul:  The Derevolutions

27 Back Into My Arms: Graig Markel and the 88th St. Band

28 Lifeguard Suite: Vesuvio Solo

29 Miss You Now: Canopies

30 Lipstick: Ariel Pink

31 I Can Do No Wrong: American Wrestlers

32 Writer’s Block: Malandros

33 Ride the Tide: Donnie & Joe Emerson

34 Kill The Fun: Haley Bonar

35 EUREKA!: Tek.lun

36 ?: Toph Allen

37 Chega Para Mim: AbJo

38 Hesitation: Hot Flash Heat Wave

39 Fall Harder: Saint Pepsi

40 It’s Better For You (ft. Anderson Paa): Shafiq Husayn

41 Confessions: BADBADNOTGOOD featuring Leland

42 Ahead The Ship Sleeps: FaltyDL

43 Vibe: Melvv

44 Blush: Hazy Mountains

45 Birth in Reverse: St. Vincent

46 50 Cent: Dean Blunt

47 Disappearing: The War On Drugs

48 Rude Boy: Mr. Twin Sister

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