Dagmar Dubs Volume 2: Throw Away The Key


As promised/threatened the second half of this unsolicited attempt to recreate the mood of late 80s conspicuous consumption and electronic smoothnesses, somehow bookended by Macca and PhilCo at their most experimental. Featuring a chopped-up version of Johnny Hates Jazz, very much the archetype of this sleazy winebar feeling. The irony is I bet every member of Johnny Hates Jazz bloody loves jazz – particuarly the sweet bastard variations of it Kenny G and The Rah Band are putting into the water system as part of this mix. Schedule some time in your Filofax to give it a hatelisten. Then fall in love with it. It’s all slightly melancholy, which seems like a good way to kick off autumn. Download here.

01 Dress Me Up As A Robber: Paul McCartney

02 Is It It: Peter Jacques Band

03 The Shuffle Kenny G

04 Slide: The Rah Band

05 Feelin’ Love (Pitched Down): Hott City

06 He Is Sailing: Jon & Vangelis

07 Masterpiece: Gazebo

08 One To One: Freeez

09 Throw Away The Key: Linx

10 Island-Sunrise: Software

11 Shattered Dreams (The Amplid remix): Johnny Hates Jazz

12 Ryan Paris: La Dolce Vita (1983 Instru Caliggiasound)

13 Angel: Fra Lippo Lippi

14 The First Picture Of You: The Lotus Eaters

15 I’m Not Moving (demo): Phil Collins



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