Who Died And Made You King Koopa? – Best of 2007


The first iPhone, outrage at racist bullying on Celebrity Big Brother, the deaths of Tony Wilson and Ronnie Hazelhurst. This mix captures all of those moods.

An old one from the vaults – the best of 2007.

Download to keep here.


let me know: roisin murphy

waiting 4 u: chromeo

can’t have it all: sophie ellis bextor

sooner or later: kotey extra band feat. chaz jankel

in the city: chromatics

rolling down the hills: glass candy

nonplusultra (black devil remix): in flagranti

popsicle orange: sorcerer
parage: justus koehnke
heart of hearts (the brothers remix): !!!
i’m not moving (idjut boys remix): phil collins
comfycozy: luke vibert
rydeen ’07: yellow magic orchestra
a song produced while floating alone on christmas day: susumu yokota
seers and sages: the black dog
hey hey: chin chin
womack and womack; the pearlfishers
not too serious: the changes
knives drawn: graig markel
save me: joan as police woman
her hairagami set: the brunettes
the moneymaker: rilo kiley
i wanna be your limousine (demo): black kids
drugs in my body – thieves like us
still fond of you – cut off my hands
answers: she’s spanish, i’m american
living in the old spring town: the high llamas
flashing lights (instrumental): kanye west
the people: common feat. dwele

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