Knives All Night

Spring sprung and I still hadn’t got round to uploading my best of 2010. So here it is, longer than any previous year round-ups but that’s just testament to how much great stuff there was last year. There are a couple of covers, some steel drums in there, a whole mess of witch house/chillwave with the attendant smattering of form names. But it’s all very very agreeable. Get it in you.

It kicks off with a track I fell in love with so much I had to get the clear vinyl 7″ shipped in from LA, no matter how much of a hipster doofus move that sounds like.

Download here

1. Friend of the Night: Teen Inc.
2. Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?: Tame Impala
3. Problems: Murder Mystery
4. Alright: Girls
5. Remain in Jah (Chrissy Murderbot Juke Remix): Lemonade
6. FM Tan Sexy: El Guincho
7. Last Love: Toni Toni Lee
8. Yellow Jacket: The Samps
9. Saviour: Teen Daze
10. Planet Party: Games
11. Kisses: Kisses
12. Chase Scene: Broken Social Scene
13. Banafleur Overalt: Jaga Jazzist
14. Beat32: Pigeondust
15. Full Collision: Violens
16. Keep The Faith: D’eon
17. Hard Drivin’ (Main): Jacques L. Dorsey
18. Honey Mine (Lissvik Remix): Korallreven
19. Smothered Mate: Chilly Gonzales
20. Neon Beams: Take
21. Haunted: Bryce Isbell
22. Nightcall (Breakbot Remix): Kavinsky
23. Baby I’m Yours: Breakbot
24. Thieves Like Us: Sunbears!
25. Soft Denial: Millionyoung
26. Coconut Coast: Oriol
27. Generation Rx (Alt. Instrumental): Danny Brown
28. Woodland Hills: Rangers
29. Never Fade: Chesca
30. Dry Blood: Parallels
31. Ariel (Dark Sky Remix): Stateless
32. I Think I Like U 2 (Breakbot Remix): Jamaica
33. And We Gonna (Samiyam Chopsticks Remix): Shigeto
34. Round And Round: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
35. Lovesick: Lindstrom & Christabelle
36. Take ‘Em Up: Shit Robot
37. Island Best: Stellar Om Source
38. Angela (Calmer): Bob James

The title comes from a Greg Proops quote, of all people, when he lamented how movie titles aren’t as exciting as they once were, claiming last year that hard-boiled noirs used to have thrilling titles like “Knives All Night!”.


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