Promise Less: Music from 2009

Promise Less: Music from 2009

It’s all here, a musical look back at the year where nu-boogie and chill wave rode high. I’m sure that’s how we’ll tell it to our grandchildren, right? Honourable mentions go out to: Prefab Sprout, Neon Indian, Memory Cassette, Shits & Giggles and Bottin who didn’t quite make it onto this: a mix that will fill a C90 to the brim in a year where the home-produced limited edition cassette made a baffling reappearance. So click on the link above, download the sucker and scoff about how I “just didn’t get this year musically”, and how you’re done with me professionally. If nothing else, it’s pretty much Autotune free, and comes with two suggestions for starting places for cover art. Happy New Year.

1. Music To My Ears: Mocky (from Saskamodie)
2. GG & The Boys: Chin Chin (from The Flashing, The Fancing)
3. I Cannot Let You Go: Sondre Lerche (from Heartbeat Radio)
4. Brazil: Tahiti 80 (from Activity Center)
5. Hot Street (U-Tern Edit): Michael Jackson (from One Day Later)
6. Everyday: Ladyology (from MOTU2 V.6)
7. Red Sonja: Loose Shus (from Valerie & Friends)
8. Belong: Washed Out (from High Times)
9. What Did He Say: Nite Jewel (from Good Evening)
10. 10 West: Dam-Funk (from Toeachizown Vol 2: Fly)
11. Maybe You Know: 5G Productions (from Virtual Beat Tape)
12. A Teenager In Love: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart)
13. Cressida: Malcolm Ross & The Low Miffs (from Malcolm Ross & The Low Miffs)
14. Short Order Cooks: Emil & Friends (from Downed Economy EP)
15. Jealous of Roses: Bibio (from Ambivalence Avenue)
16. Promise Less or Do More: The Whitest Boy Alive (from Rules)
17. Knotty Pine: The Dirty Projectors w/David Byrne (from Dark Was The Night)
18. Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix): Phoenix (from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix: The Remixes)
19. Let Me Get Next To You: First Touch (from First Touch)
20. Sometimes: Miami Horror (from Bravado)
21. Fragments: The Bridal Shop (from In Fragments EP)
22. Fortune: Little Dragon (from Machine Dreams)
23. I Need Love (Morgan Geist’s Love Dub): Hot Toddy w/Ron Basejam (from I Need Love)
24. Someone Told Me: Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt (from Selected Label Works Vol 1)
25. Missile Command: Factoryfactory (from MOTU2 v.7)

4 thoughts on “Promise Less: Music from 2009

  1. Can’t front on Phoenix… the car commercial put me on to them… but Tahti 80 and Sondre Lerche are artists I was introduced to on WDET back in the ’01-02…

    The names of the bands and the songs are intriguing and I absolutely have to check them out… thanks for the list!

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