“U’re going to tumblr down down down down”


…to paraphrase Prince. A little baby brother to this blog, It Might Also Go A Little Something Like That, has been born over at tumblr, where I will be posting a track-a-day until something explodes. Already we’re two days in and you can enjoy Isaac Hayes covering The Blue Nile and Donald Byrd gloriously at the logical end of his jazz-funk tether. The hook? Each day’s track will be tangentially connected to the day before until I paint myself into a musicological corner. It’s also an indulgent way of sorting my online stuff for the short term future. Music will live there, longer and sadly more infrequent posts here, and short bursts of tosh will thrive on twitter.

In the meantime, you can enjoy a slew of mixes on this blog, and flick through the mine of downloadable mp3s already hosted here. I plan to be back with a needlessly comprehensive series of posts about Guess Who and a best of 2009 music retrospective before the decade’s out. So see you then. Right? Right.

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