“January, February, I don’t understand”


So, I don’t know what happened there, one minute it was weeks away from Christmas, and now it’s March for crying out loud’s sake of Jesus. I need to get myself together, get back in the habit, get this show back on the road. So, ever so gently, let’s try this 09 style.

The black and red retrostylings of Olly Moss, giving some rum old popcorners a Saul Bass touch.

A worthwhile trip through the sounds of early 80s American cable. Some great sound grabs here, including “The best time on TV is HBO!”.

Herbie (not the sarky VW Beetle) & Quincy (not the smooth coroner) get all synthesized right up. Lovely

Demetri Martin’s weeklong journal for Slate.

And before we go, today’s musical treat is a tangential reminder that McAloon and Co are back with a new album this year. I won’t hold my breath, okay maybe just a bit.

Blind Terry – When Prefab Sprout Wrecked My Mind


2 thoughts on ““January, February, I don’t understand”

  1. Nice to see you back, Big Man.

    My question is unrelated to your post, but inspired by this talk of Herbie and Quincy: I’ve been tentatively investigating the works of William E. Cobham Jr., this week, and “Total Eclipse” is winging its way from Amazon as I write. Does this make me the worst kind of fool?

    My most fondest and admiring Greetings, as ever, to you (in anticipation of your expertise, forgiveness and candour)…

  2. Hey, it’s nice to *be* back.

    No more foolish than getting right stuck into some Return To Forever as I am doing at the moment. Ol’ Billy Cobham, the man from Panama, always liked the idea of him more than the actual records, Spectrum’s worth a look mind, Total Eclipse I don’t know so well, except for Moon Germs, which is a textbook jazz fusion title right there. A friend of mine once encountered him and his band on the train to Macclesfield. As a jazz drummer himself, it blew his wee mind.

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