Eno’s a thing or two

Not much to say, but a fair bit to listen to, as the sleigh ride to Christmas goes up a gear. This one’s for Ray: a grab bag of the multiplicity that is ol’ Bri.

David Byrne & Brian Eno – Regiment

Brian Eno – Ali Click (Beirut Hilton Mix)

Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois – Always Returning

Brian Eno – On Some Faraway Beach


One thought on “Eno’s a thing or two

  1. Ah… You’re a saint and a gent.

    “Always Returning” has long been a favourite, from a favourite album. Heavenly. Don’t let it end…

    …And “Faraway Beach”, of course: with the piano riff that even you, me and Brian Eno can play.

    I haven’t heard the new Eno/Byrne collection yet, but I’d certainly point you towards Eno & John Cale’s ‘Wrong Way Up’ (from ’93 or thereabouts), if you haven’t had the pleasure.

    A sartorial stunna from Bri (above), there. Happening by a Ginger Baker gig at the weekend, I had the comparable treat of seeing Jack Bruce appearing as some kind of unsettling throwback candidate for the next Doctor Who, in a dried-blood-red velvet suit (with lengthy jacket), silver shoes and hair scraped into place. The uber-dapper Charlie Watts, meanwhile, showed everyone else alive up for the tatty, bedraggled wasters that we are.

    Not a bad week. And you’ve made it all the sweeter, my friend.

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