Curiosity Killed The Copycat

I’m not dead. And to prove it here’s a bit of dark fun from Spike Jonze that I’d forgotten all about until this morning. Short and sweet and sour. Yeah!

And your takeaway treat, a song whose video was shot by none other than Andy Warhol, Misfit by Curiosity Killed The Cat. It was also the song that Vince Noir thought summed up jazz much to Howard Moon’s chagrin in the first series of The Mighty Boosh. Ah, sophistipop, where did it all go wrong? Berets I think, people just don’t like berets.

Curiosity Killed The Cat – Misfit (12″)


2 thoughts on “Curiosity Killed The Copycat

  1. Perhaps a few tasty Allan Holdsworth licks might have given the naysayers pause for thought (?) They do me.

    Hope the change of life & scene is going well. Keep on dodgin’ the cold, cold ground…

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