“I hope it’s not a pirate and a spooky spaceman”

Inspired by SNL a couple of weeks ago and a fascinating documentary brought to my attention by Kate, today is, for your pleasure, James Mason Day. We kick off with this clip of Jon Hamm (possibly set for 30 Rock it’s been revealed) wheeling out a fantastic James Mason impression on SNL a couple of weeks back. I’m willing to bet that on Jon’s first day in the SNL offices the writers asked him if he could do any impressions, and bingo, this is what happens. Bill Hader’s Vincent Price is none too shabby either. Watch it before it gets taken down!

And now for some real Mason, in the form of the brilliant 1967 doc The London Nobody Knows. As well as offering some primo Mason enunciation, it gives a fascinating glimpse into the hidden corners of London’s neighbourhoods. Telly Savalas’ Birmingham it ain’t.

I’m now after Home James, a documentary following James Mason returning to his hometown, the mighty Huddersfield, home of such visionaries as Ray Pleasant. I think it’s on the special edition of Odd Man Out.

I was hoping to get something by James Mason the jazz-funk legend on here, but have none to hand, but I suggest getting hold of some of his stuff if you can, like “I Want Your Love” or “Sweet Power Your Embrace”, breathtaking stuff. So exit music today doesn’t really relate to James Mason, but it’s a cracking softfunk jam nonetheless. Turn it up loud, you won’t regret it. 

Brothers Johnson – I’ll Be Good To You


One thought on ““I hope it’s not a pirate and a spooky spaceman”

  1. Thanks for the carefree namecheck, there!

    In lieu of any jazz funk legends, how about some nightmare improv piano from The Hudds’ own Howard Riley? Or just a psychedelic montage of Gorden Kaye chestnuts?

    I’ll respect and admire your decision, as always.

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