Yes He Did

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, wife of vice president-elect Joe Biden, take to the stage to greet a delirious crowd in Grant Park as hundreds of thousands of people celebrate on the streets of Chicago

Well done Barry. I’m a little bleary eyed and slightly hysterical feeling after staying up for most of the night watching history unfold. Dimbleby seemed, at times, slightly delirious himself and at one point found himself on the wrong end of a scolding from an unnecessarily belligerent Gore Vidal who claimed he didn’t know who Dimbleby was, called the Republican party a “Mayan sect” and treated the BBC as if he was being prankcalled by George Lamb and then proceeded to witter on nonsensically about the Kennedys. Disappointing Gore, my old son. If Mailer was still alive, he would have given as good as he got. Another high point was an American punter shouting “America! We’re back baby! Back on the world stage.” Indeed. Yeah, you guys have really been keeping to yourselves for the last seven years.

Another slightly odd twist was that just before Obama’s acceptance speech, they decided to speak to none other than Tracy Chapman. I’d love to see how far down the researcher’s list of prominent African-American figures they got there.  “Carl Weathers is on with CNN, Alexander O’Neal’s talking to ABC, Ashford & Simpson are on Fox News. Hang on I’ve got someone…”

Here’s to the future, it’s truly exciting, even if in a what-if-he-doesn’t-know-what-he’s-doing kind of way. The main thing is, it just feels right, and the democratic process feels well served. And John McCain’s concession speech displayed the class I had associated with the man before this campaign turned him into kind of a prick. Plus I call Chuck Hagel in the cabinet. Mark my words. Although I worry about how exactly he dressed as Colin Powell for Halloween …

A toast to the Obamas:

Sailor – A Glass of Champagne

Oof. So sleepy.

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