Strictly Come Effing & Jeffing

Nobody else seems to be talking about this, so I’m going to break cover about the fact I found myself watching Strictly Come Dancing this past Saturday (through no fault of my own), and reveal that Len Goodman quite clearly dropped an “F” bomb when he was appraising Andrew Castle’s dancing skills. Nobody flinched, but it was there, clear as day. Get on the old iPlayer and check it for yourselves. I no lie. He says “fuck it up” and then tries to cover by hastily saying “muck it up”. I look forward to a tabloid furore a la Russell Brand’s persecution of Andrew Sachs, with the attendant retrospective flood of complaints.

You wouldn’t catch Brucie blowing blue smoke up the airwaves like that. The man’s a professional, and a triple-threat to boot, moving, crooning and wisecracking all the way, holding on to Tess Daly for dear life.

Ahmad Jamal – Misdemeanor

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