Hamming it up


Ouch. More brutally honest TV title cards here.

The real-life Don Draper, Jon Hamm is hosting the in-form Saturday Night Live this week, should be good to see what fun they have with that. I predict at least one 60s-bound hat and smokin’ heavy sketch in the mix. Although they’d be doing well to keep up with the funnies that Roger Sterling (John Slattery) has been laying down this season. He’s keeping it real for the greytops out there. ‘Nuff respect.

All in all, it’s been a fantastic outing this year for Matthew Weiner’s pet project, bettering last year’s debut, and although it’s a completely different offering and one of infinite better quality, I haven’t been this hooked in a can’t-wait-for-next-week type way since the halcyon days of early 24.

#16 Beep Boop by Dyna Moe.

Some more fantastic, affectionate and very funny Mad Men artwork here from Dyna Moe. Everything from Freddy Rumsen’s “accident” to the Draper’s playhouse beautifully rendered.

Could Jon Hamm be the new sleeper leading man to watch, a la Clooney? Variety investigates.

An typographical appreciation of the show from a regular font of knowledge, the astute Mark Simonson.

And to part on, a tune to put you in mind of The Drapes to soundtrack the closing passages of your working week, as you wish that you worked somewhere like Sterling Cooper. Just with less sexism, racism, fake identities, hushed-up pregnancies and trouser-wetting.

Greg Phillinganes – Behind The Mask

Shop Greg P here.

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