If you’re happy and you know it…

Barbie have brought out a “The Birds” special edition doll. I’m worried about what kind of crossover market they’re aiming for. I eagerly await the Norman Bates edition Ken, and the North by Northwest Mount Rushmore playset.

Songs with hand-claps for you to consider and then download. It’s the sound of joy, don’t you know. Worth it if only to get your grubby hands on Pilot’s Magic, and of course Shirley Ellis’ towering giant of the genre The Clapping Song.

Warren Clarke, Dennis Waterman and Kenny Lynch get their song on. Is this illicit footage from a Minder / Dalziel & Pascoe / Curry & Chips crossover Christmas special that we don’t know about? From my mouth to God’s ears.

The joy of being young, carefree and loving Earth, Wind & Fire:

And a little present to take away, a fantastic live version of Roisin Murphy’s “Let Me Know” where she acknowledges the debt to James “D-Train” Williams and constructs a monster mash-up electro soul jam.

Roisin Murphy – Let Me Know (live)


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