Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Broken Britain? Apparently it’s this lot what broke it, according to Quentin Letts, in the not at all melodramatically titled “The 50 People Who Wrecked Britain”. It’s so Daily Mail it’s almost a spoof. Glass houses, say I, to them fearmongering shits. When Edward Heath is on there for sacking Enoch Powell, I think you get the flavour of what’s going on. That said, I do agree with the inclusion of Stephen “Fcuk” Marks, but not for the same reasons, my beef is the sheer lack of wit.

It seems unfair to lay blame at John McEnroe, who I happen to think is ace, and a very funny man, particularly in his turn as the fictional host of Goldcase on 30 Rock. But it’s a bit off to have a pop at also Sir Jim’ll, who let’s face it, isn’t the full biscuit these days anyway. I’m sure those grateful patients down at Stoke Mandeville Hospital would have something to say about it, not to mention The Duchess, god rest her soul.

Jan Hammer – Black Sheep

(Please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em by getting some Jan here.)


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