The Lipstick Bulldog vs. The Gaffe Machine


The Vice-Presidential debate takes place tonight. It’s going to be brilliant, for all the wrong reasons. I can’t wait. Although on reflection, considering that one of them will be a lodged peanut away from being Commander-in-Chief in a few months, maybe it’s not so funny after all.

Let’s kick off with a great round up of Palin’s biggest goofs. And a look at her interesting style of delivery, poetry style at Slate.

Here she is with her childlike grasp of foreign policy:

And so as not to be biased, here’s ol’ Joe’s finest moment so far, not quite grasping Senator Chuck Graham’s predicament. Ouch.

And to send you on your way, a decision themed euphoric nu-soul jam from Cobra Krames.

Choose You – Cobra Krames

(Buy some Cobra goodness here.)

UPDATE! Sarah Palin plays the flute. Yeah!


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