Fletch Dies, Suggs Lies & Naz-ies

It’s Bryan Ferry night tonight on BBC Four. For one reader, that will have a spooky resonance. You know who you are. No documentaries on Albert Speer as far as I can tell, and no showing of Triumph of the Will. Still, you can’t whack Love Is The Drug.

The Nutty Boys wind up an Australian music show. Suggs, you little tinker.

Gregory McDonald, crime writer extraordinaire and creator of Fletch, has died aged 71. He’ll be missed, the Fletch books are all absolute riproaring pulpy gems. I think I might crack open Son of Fletch to remember him by. I’m worried this might mean there’s nobody left alive to stop someone like Ashton Kutcher getting cast in the development-hell bound new Fletch Won movie.

Giffer power! 80 whippersnappers still rockin’ over 80.

Madness – Our House (Martin Ternander Remix)

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