Farewell Mac & Ike


Damn. The very talented Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes gone in one weekend, both way too young as well.

Bernie Mac’s sitcom was criminally overlooked and mistreated by Fox, and for my money was a lot funnier than the likes of the mostly laugh-free The Cosby Show and Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and took similar themes and turned them on their head. Nobody did put-upon, vain and downright lovable like Mac. He never really got the chance to shine on the silver screen, but his turn in Ocean’s 11 is a peach.

Found next to a still running treadmill seems like the least appropriate way for Isaac Hayes to go, there’s very little funky about a home gym. I wanted to post up Cafe Regio’s and also some stuff from Hayes’ 1995 double album project of songs Branded and Raw & Refined, including his awesome b-side cover of The Blue Nile’s “Let’s Go Out Tonight” where he treats the song as lovingly as he did any Bacharach or Webb. But that’ll have to wait as my computer’s gone bananas on me. In the meantime, the ever dependable Soul Sides have made a great start on selecting some tunes to remember ol’ Black Moses by here.

I like to think they’re both at the pearly gates now, joking along and exchanging stories about George Clooney. Although, as a Scientologist, maybe Ike’s making that mothership connection alone. Either way, they’ll be missed.


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