“The words I say, they may sound funny…”

Ah, Chaka Khan. For a lot of people, she’s something of a punchline, given the repeated raptastic use of her name in her version of I Feel For You, but that would be selling her short. Way short, because for my money she might just be the greatest female vocalist of all time, back before Whitney and Mariah came along and made it all about showboating and dicking around. As a result on every crapola talent contest you have a zillion Carey clones, but nobody brave enough to try and emulate Chaka’s chops. Compare Khan and Houston’s versions of “I’m Every Woman” and you’ll see what I mean.

I leave you with Sweet Thing, from the album Rufus & Chaka Khan. It tells you what you need to know about Chaka, the range, the gentle power, and a great song to service it. This is back from when she was still with Rufus, and is what the kids might call a slow jam. To me, it’s just a little cracker. Download it, pray for sun, get a deckchair out and bliss out to this with an overly boozy gin and tonic and you’ll be in business. Sexy business.

Sweet Thing – Chaka Khan

And how can you not love a woman who has a sister called Taka Boom?

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