It Might Go A Little Something Differently From Now On…

After a slack few weeks, and realising this is the 100th post (ta-da etc.) I’ve finally pulled my finger out and turned this blog into what it was supposed to be all along. A music blog. Not a kind of finger on the pulse crazy music blog with electroclash, the dopest bangers and all that (although a few might creep their way on here) but more of a regular selection of lovely, lovely music handpicked by me. It might be calypso, it might be jazz funk, it might be ska, it might be jazz funk. There might even be some jazz funk. Sometimes the post will be all about the tune, and sometimes the post will be about something else with a little tune at the bottom to complement the theme.

But before we get all Weather Report up in here, let’s start with Tahiti 80’s lovely Mr. Davies, in recognition of the fact that the Kinks musical Come Dancing debuts on September 13th in Stratford no less. It’s not superclear whether it features all new songs, or is a jukebox musical a la Tonight’s The Night and pals or even if the man Davies rocks up at all.

Mr. Davies by Tahiti 80 is an interesting tribute to the Kinks frontman, a mixture of fact, supposition and mostly whimsy featuring mentions of Charlie Watts and Ringo Starr. It contains this cracking line

“But that does not matter
When you listen to his selected discography”

Well, indeed, nothing matters when you listen to Ray’s ouevre. That’s why he could take a bullet in the leg and keep on rocking. It’s Mod power don’t you know.

Okay, now for what might be the tricky bit. Download the track below!

Mr. Davies – Tahiti 80


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