The Adventures of Michael McDonald #2

Another week, another trip down Doobie Lane. When we last left the King of Grey Haired Soul, he was dealing with a mild jibe in The 40 Year Old Virgin in his usual laidback and soulfully affable way. This week we see what happens when none other than Rick “Honey I Shrunk The Insert Unlikely Item Here” Moranis takes a pop at MMcD, and his era-defining backing vocal stylings, this time on Christopher Cross’ “Ride Like The Wind.”  (I can’t seem to find a version I can embed so do click on the link, it’s worth it) From SCTV, the TV offshoot of the legendary improv troupe that spawned Bill Murray, John Candy, Eugene Levy and too many to list here, this sketch’s basic premise is that McDonald is such a session junkie he only has enough time to pop in for his bits. Nice one.

Rick’s take on it, and a lot of fairly dense media issues in a slightly odd interview, is here, along with the lovely quote “It was done out of reverence. I love the guy and really love his music. I think he took the Doobie Brothers to a whole other level. And I’m thrilled that he’s had the success with the Motown album. He’s a sweet guy. He’s got an amazing voice.” Now that’s a fan talking, so Rick you’re okay by me.

Next time: Ahoy shipmates, it’s Yacht Rock time.

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