MidSomers Night Dream

I caught the English premiere of Shane Meadows new movie Somers Town last night followed by a Q&A with the man himself and young stars Thomas Turgoose and Piotr Jagiello. The movie, clocking in at a slimline 75 minutes, a godsend in a summer of turgid blockbusters, was a real treat, genuinely charming and featuring another great set of performances, particularly from Turgoose whose developing a real comic knack, and has killer timing in his bones. Incidents featuring deckchair rental, laundry theft and wheelchair pimping are peppered throughout in truly funny scenes that effortlessly blend originality and the trademark Meadows warm naturalistic feel.

The film was funded by Eurostar, and save for one clunky line about its efficient service was a real credit to them for keeping their sticky paws out. That might also have something to do with the “5,000 page document that now sits alongside Moses’ 10 Commandments” that Meadows referred to after the film.

Meadows was full of his usual boundless enthusiasm in the Q&A, despite a heavy one in Edinburgh the night before, where he bet Tommo £100 he couldn’t finish a vindaloo (his first curry). He gave some full and frank answers, and revealing that King of the Gypsies is ready to go next year with a release date of late ’09 and ’10 and with Le Donk in the editing suite, looks like his planned year off is going to be his most satisfying period yet.

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