Creature Feature


Peter Jones and Gremlins advertising BT? No matter how many times I see the ad, I can’t quite work out why. Peter Jones on his own? Sure, he’s a captain of industry and all that so why not. Simply some Gremlins knobbing about, no problem. They’ve done both before, with Gordon Ramsay in his own ad, and ET, somewhat tenuously doing his a few years back. But putting unrelated celebrities and Hollywood creatures together? It’s just odd, it’s almost as if they had a random list of celebrities and studio properties of descending and ascending value and this was slap bang in the middle on both counts, to play it safe.

But, what if they’d been even more outlandish with their scheme? I like to think these might be the next ads from BT to look forward to.

Rolf Harris & The Critters

Animal Hospital goes ballsup as the furry balls present all kinds of trouble for ol’ Rolf as he desperately tries to fix a fax machine.

Kate Copstick & The Terminator

The Copstick must travel back in time to choose different people for her Friends and Family plan with violent and costsaving results.

David Copperfield & The Ewoks

After another failed attempt at a Three of a Kind reunion, the in-no-way-magic-or-Dickensian funnyman makes a home for himself in the trees with the fuzzy little douchebags and introduces them to the wonders of broadband.

George Clooney & The Ghoulies

Hollywood royalty Clooney cashes in on these inexplicable spots featuring himself as the put-upon Dean of a college plagued by demons and telecommunications infrastructure problems in a torturous retread of the straight-to-video series featuring everyone’s favourite toilet based monsters.

Burt Reynolds & Q: The Winged Serpent

Okay, I’m done now.




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