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In honour of the bank holiday, the May one where everyone’s skint, rather than call this strand Do Something Less Boring Instead #11, I’ve opted for a NKOTB style rebrand. Already, I’m regretting it.

Short cuts, alleyways, back passages, The Londonist has all you need to make your meanderings around London have that secret, Indiana Jones feel.

Speaking of ol’ Indy, Popdose goes to the sweet shop, or I imagine candy store, what with them being American and everything, and turn up this abomination. I say abomination, however I clearly want one. It’s the closest to a Coconut Boost resurrection I’ve seen since this rather nice but work intensive homage.

Ever wondered what those extremely annoying words in Variety mean? Check the meaning here. Unfortunately I can’t make them any less annoying. I’m not God.

Howard Stern somehow manages to avoid accusations of being unfunny and a racist, just that he’s upset Dolly P with this childish bit of business. Chris Morris must be spitting blood.

When Bill Murray met Greta Scaachi. Outdated and frankly mediocre tale of social awkwardness finds its way into the international media. Still, compelling somehow.

Spend some time with one of my all time favourite record producers, the chameleon like genius that is Leroy Burgess in this video series.


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