Capital Fellows

I’ve nicked the title wholesale from The New Yorker’s article about our mayoral shenanigans. It’s like reading something written for a Martian, but a smart Martian, and that makes it sort of fun. There’s always giggles to be had reading something written from one remove.

Is it wrong there’s a weird part of me that genuinely wonders what London might be like under this man’s reign?

Here is a lovely example of when an idea is so perfect it just can’t not work. And they’ve avoided the obvious casting of Paddick as George and Johnson as Bungle, which must have been tempting if slightly un-PC. But Ken can’t not be Zippy, they really do have the same voice. It’s already been booted off YouTube ’cause Fremantle have kicked up a stink, so catch it from DailyMotion before it goes the same way.


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