Little Misters #4: A Good Year for the Onions

Could 2008 be the year that the world catches up with me and recognises the power of onionsSon of Rambow is doing very nicely at the UK box office at the moment, featuring a good oniony turn by Will Poulter as troublemaking Lee Carter, and all lovingly shot in the Hertfordshire of the mid 80s, which it manages to get fairly spot on, despite some of the slightly hyperreal detours.

And add to this a new ad from Transport for London warning about the dangers of being a tossrope behind the wheel which borrows heavily, or rather outright steals the entire premise from this earlier onion classic, the idea here being “Lose your licence and you’re just a kid again”. Is there no law about this? I know it’s essentially one kind of ad nicking off another, which happens all the time, but c’mon, what a cheek. There’s no amount of 50ps that could make up for it. At least it’s in a good cause and not selling cars or mobile phones or something. Then I would be reet narked off.

At this rate, Madness will have the Christmas number one, braces will be flying off the shelves, and pre-teen smoking will be at an all-time high. Fingers crossed.

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