Do Something Less Boring Instead #8

From Pencils at Dawn.

Did you smell something funky as you left the house this morning? No, it’s not just you. A balanced view vs. The Daily Mail having a field day.

David Byrne, hot off guesting at BAM’s Paul Simon residency, is to hit the road with Brian Eno, and play a wealth of old Heads material and some “electric gospel”. I hope he comes to London, and that I find out before all the tickets go.

Get Framptonized by making your own talkbox. Wahwowwaahwow.

Ruin trips to your favourite restaurants with this needlessly upbeat-titled site. If I was Brucie, I’d sue.

An oldie, but a goodie as the intricacies of Marmaduke, the American Fred Bassett are explored.

And from one classic strip retooled to another. Jon never seemed so frightening before. If they could find a way to do it to the Garfield animated series with the late if-wet-Bill-Murray Lorenzo Music, that’d be awesome. Music was the voice of Venkman in The Real Ghostbusters, and then Murray took over Music’s vocal duties for the awful, awful Garfield movies.




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