Do Something Less Boring Instead #7

I’ve been a bit quiet of late, and by quiet I mean lazy. To hold the fort until something remotely coherent pops up in my mind, which I promise will be soon, here’s a collection of sweet honeyed electronic treats. Internet baklava if you will.

Telly Savalas does his bit for chambers of commerce the length of the land. Aberdeen, Birmingham, Portsmouth, everyone’s talking about Pop Kojak. I like to think that this was part of some elaborate cultural exchange film project featuring gems like Ronnie Barker loves Philadelphia, Ray Brooks says Howdy to Austin and Wogan’s Boise.

White people in Wire-liking shock.

An oldie, but the reverse of the above, and mildly controversial. Sort of.

Coming up soon: Return to the Planet of the Onions, a spanking new regular music feature and er, some stuff. Some awesome stuff. I’m back on it. I promise.


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