Your Cab’s Here


Nearly everything you wanted to know about Cab Calloway but were afraid or too plains ign’ant to ask.

He appeard in an episode of The Love Boat with Ethel Merman in what is possibly the gayest spectacle ever to grace television screens.

He also appeared on Sesame Street, ably backed by some jazz lovin’ Muppets. Checkitout.

Cab Calloway Day is January 27th in Greensburgh, October 10th in Baltimore and May 7th in New York City. His actual birthday is Christmas Day. Just like Jesus.

He, like, totally invented rapping.

Cab Calloway has an entire school named after him and the head of the cinema studies department is called Mrs. Fanny. That’s a fact. And there’s a Mardi Gras dance this very Friday. Sounds like a fun gaff. But clearly, he was a fun guy…


Let’s leave the last word to the man himself, it’s a hell of a philosophy what he done had.

“During the ’40s they used to say that I had 40 suits and 40 pairs of shoes. It ain’t true. I had 50 suits and 50 pairs of shoes and 50 pairs of pearl-gray gloves too. They used to say that l got arrested twice a month for speeding on the New Jersey Turnpike. That’s a lie. Brother, I owned the New Jersey Turnpike, and I used to run that big old Lincoln through the Holland Tunnel and over the Jersey meadowlands like there was no tomorrow. They used to say that I had a beautiful woman in every city and town in the country. Shoot, I had two, one for rainy days and one for sunny days. They say I’ve had and lost millions of dollars. Buddy, they haven’t stopped counting yet. Women, horses, cars, clothes. I did it all. And do you know what that’s called, ladies and gentlemen. It’s called living.”

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