Just one Hornetto


Good news for good sense everywhere: Al Bangura, human trafficking victim turned professional footballer has been allowed to stay in the country. For some reason, this story really got my blood up, the idea that we’d force a talented kid home just because he’s got the temerity to, oh I don’t know, pay taxes and be an all-round good egg. And the fact that suspicion was cast on him because he misreported his arrival in the country to a football magazine. Like you’d expect him to relive the hell of being trafficked from Sierra Leone and attempted rape at the drop of a hat to the likes of Shoot. Anyway, it’s nice to see common sense give pencil pushing officiousness a good shoeing from time to time.

Of course, Al’s is just one of thousands of terrible stories. Do a little something here.

I hope to see Al down the Harlequin in the near future, much like I once saw Mo Johnston outside Clements or Kenny Jackett in the old WH Smith. Perhaps one day Al will address a class of A-level students, much like Luther Blissett did for mine.

Speaking of the world’s second most famous Luther, that urban myth regarding his move to Italy examined here.

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