Dick Swiveller & The Schizoid Man


No, it’s not some sub-Ren & Stimpy early 90s adult cartoon, but just two of the parts essayed by the sadly recently passed Anton “Alec!” Rodgers.

And now… all those Anton Rodgers obits in one place. Someone had to do it. I am that somebody. Although the Guardian one dwells somewhat unfairly on his weight, which misses the point somewhat, The Times makes up for it with a portrait that features a lame fox. He died in December, but was not born in May. If he had been, I’m sure The Sun would have cleared the frontpage a la “Compo Is Dead!”

Guardian / Telegraph / Times / The Stage / Independent

And to leave you on the upswing, here are the opening titles to Fresh Fields, with Start All Over Again as the theme music arranged within an inch of its life by none other than Ronnie Hazlehurst. And you know what else, Dorothy Fields wrote the lyrics to Jerome Kern’s melody. You couldn’t make it up, because why would you? I might though, but I promise I haven’t.


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