Violent Night


Standing on the verge of the sleigh ride to Christmas, why not turn on and funk out to the fourth outing for Season’s Beatings, courtesy of those crazy mammajammas down at Off The Hook, particularly as the latest instalment is absolutely free. Do it, Sonny Liston in a Santa hat demands it. And unless you’re Frank Bruno dressed as the Easter Bunny, you best do what he says.


  1. Click here to download the free mix HOJ holiday Jam / Little Brother
  2. I Wish / The Dogg Pound
  3. Stone Soul Christmas / Binky Griptite
  4. Curb ya Christmas Enthusiasm ft Vince Guaraldi
  5. Merry Christmas / Winston Groovy
  6. Deck the Halls / ?
  7. Santa Fly / Martin Mull
  8. Hey America / James Brown
  9. Someday at Christmas / Jackson 5
  10. Christmas Rhyme / Audio Two
  11. Santa Claus is Coming to Town / Mr Bassman
  12. Dipset Christmas / Jim Jones
  13. Back Door Santa / Leftie’s Soul Connection
  14. Soulful Christmas / James Brown
  15. Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag / The Bobs
  16. Deck the Halls / RZA

And to further get yourself on the yuletide flipside, a step back in time.


2 thoughts on “Violent Night

  1. Hey, ‘Esquire Magazine’!

    How about a few shots of Lonnie Liston Smith at his clavinet, wearing antlers and a red nose?

    Yours, ‘Particular’, West Yorks.

  2. Dear ‘Particular’,

    Our betting is that Lonnie’s more of a Kwanzaa man.

    Now that’s what I call knitwear synergy.

    All the very bests,

    ‘Esquire Magazine’

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