Supermatch Game!

In further tribute to the still dead and still fantastically brilliant Ronnie Hazlehurst, here’s a cracking sketch courtesy of Peter Serafinowicz, who seems to be doing a similar nice line in treading the line between wonderfully absurd and sweetly daft in his new show on Thursdays on BBC2.

Although I never thought I’d put something up featuring L***s & W******s, they’re easily ignored as Pegg and Freeman keep their end-up in what is basically a who’s who of that bunch of comedians today what know each other, (Coogan must have been hanging out of the back of Courtney Love at the time). And Serafinowicz’s Wogan is the best impression by one person of another in the history of entertainment. That’s right Yarwood, get another drink down you.

It’s things like this that make me love YouTube and forget about all the happy slapping, rapping ninjas, and angst-filled teenage girls treating their cameraphones like make-up mirrors. I first saw this sketch on Comic Relief over four years ago and never thought I’d get to see it again. This internet, it’s pretty good and that.

Update: They’ve taken the video down, so take a skwizz over here.


3 thoughts on “Supermatch Game!

  1. “Coogan must have been hanging out of the back of Courtney Love at the time”

    I had to re-read that twice you filthy moneky.

  2. Game show music really has gone downhill in the past few years. We’ve gone from lovely ladies harmonising ‘Supermatchgame’ to ominous ‘string pads’ with drums that sound like heartbeats.

    More to the point, Serafinowicz’s impression is truly phenomenal.

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