Vidi Video #2: Easy Lover (1984)

Yeah, yeah, we all know this song, but when was the last time you watched the video for it? It’s almost thrillingly postmodern and, feel free to correct me, the first video that is actually its own “making of”, plus it kinda starts like a direct sequel to Dawn of the Dead. I know PhilCo has more than his fair share of detractors, but I think he comes across as right game in this, and you can tell Philip Bailey’s having fun, and for a man who’s done more than his fair share of Earth, Wind & Fire tours I like to think he has an unusually high “fun” threshold. I like when Philco rocks up with an Earth, Wind & Fire costume and a “what’s wrong?” expression. I defy you not to crack a wee smile at some point amid this gleeful bobbins that’s so of its time, the only way it could be more on the money would be if it featured Dan Aykroyd carrying the Olympic torch to LA at some point.

Here’s a choice anecdote courtesy of Wikipedia:

“Phil Collins, during a radio interview, was asked how “he discovered” Philip Bailey. Annoyed at the lack of knowledge of the interviewer he made up a story about how he had been filling his car with gas/petrol when he heard the attendant singing…and that turned out to be Philip Bailey. The interviewer believed the whole story, which was also picked up by other media outlets.” 

As a side point, why is Jeffrey Tambor in the video for Ghostbusters?


4 thoughts on “Vidi Video #2: Easy Lover (1984)

  1. I love Phil. What do you think of the cadbury gorilla advert! I think it’s absolutely hilarious!
    What’s that genesis song that I used to really like on that video you had?

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