The Third Ronnie


Sad news, Ronnie Hazlehurst, erstwhile Light Entertainment Musical Director* at the BBC has died, aged 79. Composer of what I believe to be this country’s towering theme tune classic, that to slightly creepy Ronnie Corbett seven series stay-at-home-com Sorry!, he has a place in my heart as a man who can lay down robotic reggae with the best of them. Listen to the calypso sounds as rendered by the Smash dudes here. He was also responsible for Blankety Blank (look at that line-up above, if a bomb went off in that room etc.), and its hilarious repeated lyric line. Crikey, the man’s a god the more I think about it.

I like to think he’s getting down in heaven with John Inman and Michael Elphick while Peter Bowles** looks on, having a bit of a sitdown.

*I wonder if they still have that job. I’m willing to bet Carla Lane’s royalties they don’t. Actually on reflection, I bet Carla Lane’s royalties they do.

**Yes, I know he’s not dead.

I’ll leave the last, possibly unintentionally saucy, words to Ronnie himself:

“I wouldn’t prostitute a tune, to bend it every which way to fit the title. But if I can make it so, I do.”


5 thoughts on “The Third Ronnie

  1. I think I just assumed it was one of Hot Gossip, but after a quick bit of digging it turns out it’s Dilys Watling.

    No, me neither.

  2. Good call. It *should* have been Dana. In fact, I’m willing to bet ol’ Dilys was just loitering outside the BBC canteen when the Irish songbird rang up to say she was too busy formulating her long-term plan to become a pro-life MEP.

    Briefly I thought it might have been Sheena Easton, but the possible connections between Prince and Arthur English started to make my nose bleed.

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