Blessed is the man who…

At some point, the criteria for suitable presenters for BBC’s frankly baffling early morning Bruce Hornsby themesonged miseryfest City Hospital got a little lax. Actually, more than lax really, the only requirement seeming to be an ability to have their image recorded onto tape. Towering above the motley bunch of guest presenters in the last series was Brian Blessed, a man who seems as if he’s not entirely sure where he begins and the increasingly bonkers parts he’s played end. 

Sean Lock’s TV Heaven, Telly Hell, a show which thrives on Lock’s charisma, and therefore does very nicely indeed, highlighted this crazy situation on a recent edition with Jack Dee. I implore you to watch the clip, because it is simply the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. Whether it’s his sudden bursts of song “Boom-titty-boom” or inappropriate sexual harassment of the infirm, Blessed turns St. Thomas’ hospital into something as psychedelically surreal as Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, all in the blink of an eye. Who wants to live forever indeed?

While we’re rapping on about BB, another great story is that when he was on one of his many expeditions to climb Everest, he urinated on a rival Japanese camp. Just for larks. You can imagine the maniacal laughter, can’t you? Don’t have nightmares.


2 thoughts on “Blessed is the man who…

  1. God, that comes close to just being upsetting, doesn’t it?

    It also reminds me of the classic and similarly grim BIG TRAIN “Antiques Roadshow” sketch: ‘Don’t touch their tits, Colin. You know that’s not allowed’.

    How many people genuinely hate Brian B, d’you think, and how many of those have to live and work closely with him?

  2. That reminds me of how frustrated I am I can’t find the Hall & Oates sketch on Youtube. Boobags and crapsticks.

    Talk about your crisis of trust in TV. Here the BBC is endorsing the sending of Blessed into close contact with the ill and elderly which is tantamount to state-sponsored euthanasia. But what a way to go, a heady mix of terror, confusing arousal and beard detritus.

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