We Built This City on Schist N’Roll


I’ve become mildly obsessed with Manhattan schist of late, the bedrock underpinning the Island of Lights and Love, which due to its phenemonal structural properties has allowed it to become a haven for the sky-punching dreams of architects over the past century. But it seems that schist surfaces all over the island, in increasingly quirksome and inconvenient ways, all of them imbued with a slight silliness, as illustrated by these fantastic photos, taken by a Gothamite who had the good sense to go out and walk every street. God bless ‘im.


3 thoughts on “We Built This City on Schist N’Roll

  1. This is fantastic. And mad. And it took me a while to cotton onto what we’re actually looking at here.

    “Schist”: awkward word, though.

  2. There’s some interesting discussion of when removal costs of schist will finally be outweighed by New York land prices. Watch this space for rabid deschistification* in our lifetimes.

    *Now that’s tricky on the tongue.

  3. Ever thankful for the geological foundation of Manhattan schist, I treasure my city of birth for its unique composite. Without the presence of this bedrock, New York City would not contain the recognizable skyline inherent in mid-manhattan and lower Manhattan, the specific areas that contain the collecive skyscapers of visual wonder and architectural awe.

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