Little Misters #2: Dirty shirt, pulling hair and eating dirt

As another preamble to a definitive post about “onions”, here’s something to watch, digest and think about before we get to the heart of the subject.  In short “onions” are lippy kids, not because they’re hooligans, but because they think they’re men, much in the way, cats think humans are other cats and act accordingly. An “onion” would think nothing of going up to a 40 year old City gent and saying “Got the time on yer, mate?”.

Watching this Madness video pretty much sums up my life up until the age of 7. When I was a kid, this is what kids were like. Scamps and rascals getting into scrapes, and listening to pop-ska. Now you’ll just get stabbed in the eye as another youth tattoos txt msg obscenities on your blood streaked forehead, all the while tinny grime shitting out of their mobile phone speakers. Not that I’m down on the youths or anything. 


4 thoughts on “Little Misters #2: Dirty shirt, pulling hair and eating dirt

  1. Sweet!

    An authentic Pop Gem, from a band with more than its share, AND the promise of upcoming misanthropy. Good fucking thing, too. My hatches are battened.

  2. Finally, I’ve just caught the onion-tastic “This Is England”.

    Good stuff. I wish I’d said ‘fuck it’ and bought the Shane box set now… But anyway…

    Similarly, T I E has lots of sights and sounds of my childhood, their context albeit wasted on me at the time. Glad I had the chance to pop back and brush up now.

  3. Glad you liked it. Some complain Meadows has a way of making the same film over and over again. But what a film it is. The acting, as always in his films, is what makes it swing. The scene in the cafe when Shaun’s mum drags him in with his new haircut to have a pop at the culprits is exceptional. A funnier, warmer, realer scene in cinema you’d be hard pressed to find.

    Definitely get stuck into the rest as soon as you can.

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