Róisín Murphy + Parma Cafe = Wha? x Yeah!


How about that? Róisín Murphy in my local greasy spoon, the Greek-themed, yet Italian-named Parma Cafe. This has thrilled me immensely. I think she might be dressed as a sexy lobster, as if I wasn’t already enjoying this image enough. It took a New York blogger to let me know what’s happening on my doorstep. For the second time today, hey Internet, you’re all right, you really are.

Of course, now I’m half expecting to turn up images of Hall & Oates fighting over the chutneys in the Kennington Tandoori, or Chevy Chase dropping off some personal effects at Red Devil Storage.


4 thoughts on “Róisín Murphy + Parma Cafe = Wha? x Yeah!

  1. Maybe it’s because I love Hall & Oates so much, but that is, without doubt the best sketch in the world. Whenever I’m feeling a bit blue, on it goes. Also when Linehan repeatedly shouts “What are *they* doing here?” I feel another post coming on…

  2. I’d like to interview Lou Reed, and constantly call him “Louie” and see how long it would take before he smacked me in the chops with his leathery fist.

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