Shane’s World


Yout’! Get stuck in here to some Shane Meadows flavoured scran.


8 thoughts on “Shane’s World

  1. It’s gonna take time to digest the tiny print, but it looks a good ‘un.

    Paddy Considine: The “My Wrongs…” bloke (?)

  2. CAMTRONIC 4000: “He smelt like the future, his words felt like flowers… And if he shook your hand, you’d make love with it for hours…”

    I’m digging the Super Deluxe stuff… Just watched Ulyssess S. Grant and JFK…
    Exquisitely mental. Where/what/how/who is this stuff? What would you call it? Where did you find it?

    The Shane blurb is interesting reading, but I can’t get the films to play… I’m lacking Applications, or something. I particularly fancy ‘The Man in the Woods’
    and ‘Jimmy Prophet’.

  3. Brilliant, can’t wait to get stuck into Howard the Duck.

    Yeah, the Shane stuff seems to have stopped working here too. Rats. I’ve got it all on DVD, so I’ll try and rustle you up a copy.

    Glad you’re liking the Superdeluxe stuff, a lot of that Neely stuff is in a similar vein, check out Kenny Winker(?). All dead good.

  4. I only found out, the other day: this is the “This Is England” bloke, isn’t it? I’d half fancied/kept an eye on that, off the back of the Clash reference…

    Worth a go, now it’s in the shops?

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